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WOOBAR HK’s goals were to reboot their social media pages with the intention of re-establishing their brand image, increase brand awareness & exposure of their unique selling points, and to grow their followers focusing on their already popular yet dormant Facebook page.


To accomplish WOOBAR HK’s goals, on top of developing an omnichannel user experience through creating different curated content for both Instagram and Facebook, we spent the two month testing multiple audience sets for paid ads. After two months of testing different audience sets per category such as, Wine Lovers, Happy Hour Drinkers, Afternoon Tea Fans, W Hotel Fans, High End Party Goers and more, we were able to consistently achieve positive results when targeting our ads.


Out of the 46 ads we have created for WOOBAR so far, 33 of those ads have achieved a cost per click rate (CPC) of under HK$1, where the average CPC worldwide is HK$7.58 (US$0.97). Through our content and ads in a 4-month period, we were able to increase Facebook likes and Instagram total follower rate by 21.2% and 36.8% respectively. Furthermore, through reinstating the W Hotel guidelines for WOOBAR HK’s social accounts, we were able to successfully re-establish the correct visual direction and brand tone that W Hong Kong require.


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