Sushi Man


Sushi Man opened in Yuen Long in 2015 as one of the few high-end Omakase restaurants in New Territories. The challenge was to introduce and educate customers who have never heard of Omakase and also to attract target audience from Kowloon and HK Island to visit us.


“Be the only one or be the best one” is the motto of the Suishi Man’s founder – Man-Ho Leung. Voltage introduces Omakase to the local market through lifestyle and educational angles whereas approaches high-end media with foodie and chef angles. Voltage helps Sushi Man opened and has been managing its social media accounts from the beginning. We also organise regular influencer tastings in order to maximise online exposure.


Voltage secured over 60 coverages in which obtained many 1-on-1 interviews, the total AD value is over HK$3 million. We have also successfully built an online community, with a following of 3,646 and 6,031 for Facebook and IG respectively. Sushi Man recently opened two new outlets located in Whampoa and Shenzhen.


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