Negroni Week by Campari - Media Relations and Social Media Campaign


Alongside Campari, Voltage celebrated the 100th year anniversary for the classic Negroni cocktail. One of the main objectives was to maximise the exposure of the cocktail to the people in Hong Kong during the annual Negroni Week.


Negroni Week consisted of a series of events and collaborations during the week. Voltage utilised the diversity of the campaign and reached out to our target audience through media relations, KOL strategy and digital campaign. To promote the collaboration deals with F&B partners, Voltage will organise a KOL night to gain further exposure for not only Campari and Negroni Week but also for the F&B partners


• Within 1 month, more than 80 media coverages was achieved including top tier publications like Ming Pao Daily, Cosmopolitan HK, Sing Tao Daily, Prestige and Hong Kong Tatler • PR value exceeded HK$5,000,000 • Facebook and IG following grew by 46% and 118% respectively • A KOL night was successfully hosted to increase and boost brand exposure for Campari, Negroni Week and F&B brands • A social media quiz was created to introduce the popular Italian cocktail to a younger audience and at the same time, educate HK people about the history of Negroni and the key milestones of Campari


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