CE LA VI is situated in the middle of LKF, at the very top of the LKF tower. There are 3 floors that include the roof deck, the club lounge and the restaurant. Voltage was challenged to bring in KOLs to experience each floor and push the varied offers that CE LA VI had.


Voltage collaborated with the CE LA VI team to bring a bespoke and intimate experience for various KOLs. These experiences included brunch, night life, happy hour and dinner. The strategy was to invite different personalities to target the niche content each KOL had in order to share the different features and offers CE LA VI had, shared in the digital space through stories and posts.


From March until August 2017 a total of 36 KOLs were hosted by Voltage to push the different offers of CE LA VI, the KOLs chosen had a minimum following of 11k, thus reaching a minimum 396,000 people.


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