11 Westside


In September 2017, 11 Westside officially landed in Kennedy Town. This casual taqueria is led by L.A.’s very own ‘Taco King’, chef Esdras Ochoa. A unique space for Hong Kongers to drink, eat and socialise, 11 Westside aims to offer the best Mexican cuisine and craft cocktails available, in a comfortable, familial, and fun environment that reflects where the founders have come from. The first of Westside Hospitality Ltd's ventures in Hong Kong, the team include chef Esdras Ochoa, Daniel Eun behind the bar, Jon Chan on design with Kelvin Ho and Channing Wong as part the organisation.


Continuous relationship building with targeted media including a series of media tastings was crucial, in order to ensure 11 Westside stays at the forefront of Hong Kong’s new dining scene. A programme of interviews with Executive Chef Esdras Ochoa and Beverage Director Daniel Eun was also important, so as to educate Hong Kongers on Mexican food, and to tell the story of 11 Westside.


Voltage secured over 40 clippings out of this one release in 2 months’ time, including 35 high quality features, with a total AD value of over 1.3 million.


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