The Obstacle

Urban Park and Yum Cha are two restaurants that offer modern European cuisine and Dim Sum respectively. Developed by Dining Workshop, both restaurants are located at Attitude Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui and Nan Fung Tower in Central.

At the time, Attitude Hotel was still under renovation and there were only a few people who were aware of the new hotel located at Granville Road. As both dining spots were set to launch at the newly opened hotel, our challenge was to generate as much buzz online about the launch and to help them gain substantial exposure in the dining scene.

The Fix

Voltage worked on using a unique element from both restaurants in order to get as much attention from the media. Urban Park’s unique atmosphere, that is their 3,000 square foot grass-covered terrace, was an edge for them to stand out amongst all the other restaurants in the area and we were able to reach both expatriates and locals in Hong Kong about the restaurant. As for Yum Cha, we emphasized on their Instagram-worthy dishes to reel in bloggers and influencers to promote the brand via Social Media platforms.

The Voltage Impact

Voltage generating over 84 media coverage in only 2-months. Both Urban Park and Yum Cha were covered in over 30 different publications in Hong Kong, some of which include Hong Kong Tatler, Lifestyle Asia, Coconuts HK, Oriental Daily News, TimeOut Magazine, Sassy Hong Kong and more. The total ad value we helped Urban Park & Yum Cha gain was a staggering HK$2.27m in only 2-months.

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