Sushi Man is a high-end Japanese restaurant located in Yuen Long. Although Yuen Long is a paradise for local food lovers, most Japanese restaurants located there target a different segment of customers and are famous for their super-sized portions or as “All You Can Eat” eateries, not as fine dining restaurants. Sushi Man is unique in the area as it is one of a few Japanese restaurants that offers Omakase Menus in the New Territories. It was a sizable challenge for Sushi Man and also Voltage PR to position the restaurant and attract customers in to dine.


Voltage developed a Social Media Strategy that would work to educate customers that Japanese cuisine, especially Sushi, is not only about size and quantity. We executed Sushi Man bilingual Social Media posts in both Chinese and English to make sure that messages would be able to reach both local residents and Expatriates. In terms of content, we made sure to focus on Sushi Man’s standout characteristics; it’s distinctive, almost obsessive, focus on Japan and Japanese culture and its mouthwatering food selection.

Our PR Media Strategy for Sushi Man was tailored to communicate how it is not simply just a Japanese Sushi Restaurant – but a genuine piece of Japan in Hong Kong. As a result, stepping inside Sushi Man has become part of the experience into the soul of Japanese cuisine. As soon as you enter through its sliding door, you’re transported to another world of culinary delights.

To drive buzz, Voltage strategically reached out to Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), which were influential food bloggers to dine at Sushi Man. This further enhanced the restaurant’s online exposure across Social Media and Blogs.


Our efforts were extremely effective as Sushi Man was covered by most of Hong Kong’s major publications, including Apple Daily, Oriental Daily, Sing Tao Daily, Weekend Weekly, Eat and Travel Weekly and many more. Their Social Media channels have also experienced rapid growth in following and are consistently engaging followers to ‘both’ ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ on a nearly daily basis. This high rate of Fan Engagement was achieved without having to sponsor any Ads, Sushi Man’s Facebook page has nearly 3,000 likes and has maintained consistently in high engagement rate since its opening in April 2015.

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