Crafty Cow launched in Sheung Wan’s PoHo Arts District, a now booming hipster food scene, as a brand new dining concept. Our challenge was to catapult them into the food scene while also helping to put PoHo on the map as Hong Kong’s newest go-to food hub.

To do this, we made sure to build a unique, meaningful and effective PR strategy for Crafty Cow that also provided a framework to build up PoHo’s popularity. This is why we decided to brand it as “Third Culture Dining.” This new term was fitting, as it captured the essence of what was central to Crafty Cow’s brand concept – that each of the restaurant’s founders are tried and true Third Culture Kids. Each of them spent many of their formative years abroad picking up a number of culinary influences, which has influenced their tastes and palates.


What is a Third Culture Kid (TCK)?
A Third Culture Kid is anyone who grows up under the influence of more than one culture. The time they had spent in both Hong Kong and abroad, contributed to their love and admiration for a variety of cuisines.

Though the term “Fusion” was penned to represent the blending of flavors, as a team we felt that it has been overused in pop culture. That is why we came up with the “Third Culture Dining” concept especially for Crafty Cow. We feel that “Third Culture Dining” continues to capture all that Crafty Cow represents.


The result was out of control especially at the opening event. We were expecting a 150 people in attendance but nearly 600 guests turned up. Voltage also obtained a staggering HK$1.2m advertising value in just less than 3 months. We then further capture another HK$1.43m in the months after. The newly invented phrase “Third Culture Dining” became a hot topic amongst the food industry.

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