The Obstacle

Founded by Englishman Scott Thompson in 2003, CARAT* London is one of the world’s leading fashion fine jewellery houses. Renowned for making fantasy a reality, the world of CARAT* offers Classic and Contemporary jewels for today’s women.

Though CARAT* London is a global jewelry brand known around the world, their efforts have been focused on building its identity within Hong Kong’s local market.

The Fix

In helping CARAT* grow its presence in Hong Kong, we used our expertise and contacts to ensure the brand would resonate across different media platforms. As their PR partner, we helped them use their past PR and Marketing tactics which were employed abroad and tailored them to fit the local market. For example, the local Hong Kong consumer market is heavily influenced by celebrities and so we ensured to choose a celebrity that would appeal to consumers but also match with CARAT*’s brand ethos and identity.

The Voltage Impact

Eliza Sam was chosen to be their brand representative at the launch of their new boutique at IFC. We supported them by gaining buzz around the event and securing coverage across a variety of local media channels in sectors including fashion, entertainment, and lifestyle. Eliza represented the CARAT* brand effectively and was clear in communicating the benefits and unique selling points of CARAT*’s jewelry.

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