4 Easy Ways to Grow Your Business with LinkedIn

Linkedin has accumulated over 500 million users thus far and have continued to steadily grow its user base, which places LinkedIn as one of the best platforms for Business to Business (B2B) markets to advertise on.

With the several functions LinkedIn provides, brands are diving into the largest, most professional network to stimulate their business growth, generate leads, product sales and even hire top-tier professionals.

Eager to grow your business with LinkedIn, but struggling to perfect your marketing strategies?

We’ve got you covered, simply follow these 4 steps to kickstart your LinkedIn business success:

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1. Turning LinkedIn Users Into New Leads: Through Ads

Thanks to LinkedIn’s advertising settings, brands are able to target individuals or companies most inclined to interact with their brand or service.

Consider brainstorming who your ad needs to target, and what category they may fall into. This may range from financial officers, recruitment directors or attorneys.

Tip: Don’t go crazy. Aim for 2-3 targeting options at a time.

Alternatively, choose to invest in text-ads, a popular form of marketing communication. Doing so will positively enhance your brand visibility and aid company sales.

Choose to implement either pay-per-click (PPC), or cost-per-impression model (CPM) model to broadcast new product offerings to your target audience on LinkedIn.

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2. Turning LinkedIn Users Into New Leads: Without Ads

Not sold on achieving new leads through ads? We have an inexpensive alternative.

Make use of LinkedIn’s inMail to communicate with like-minded users who share similar brand interests, wants and needs.

To gain optimum brand exposure, we suggest directly sending your brand’s target audience a personalised message to their LinkedIn box.

Who knows, your brand message may be delivered directly in front of the decision maker with the authority to invest in your product or service.

3. Stay On Customers’ Radars

So you’ve acquired new leads, what’s next?

Build a Relationship

In order to build a successful relationship with your new lead, we recommend conducting daily LinkedIn status updates and weekly blog posts to keep your client within arms reach.

This can be done simply by sending monthly updates about different brand discoveries, or sharing current brand issues that clients may be open to solving.

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Linked-In Live

One-up other companies and start incorporating LinkedIn’s Live feature into your marketing strategy.

Getting the attention of busy, working professionals is hard. So why not communicate with them live, and create a real-time relationship with them?

The addition of LinkedIn Live has been a cost-friendly alternative to network and build new relationships with young, motivated professionals.

The platform has been used across recruitment panels, college commencements and creative brand launches.

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4. Join Groups & Network

Hoping to dive deeper into the LinkedIn community? Branch out and join a LinkedIn group most relevant to your brand's target demographic.

If you’re more daring, take the extra step and create a group of your own.

If you’re a small business hoping to enhance your business network, consider providing your community with an online forum as this will allow you to have constructive, back-to-back conversations with existing and new users.

Joining different groups and networks will allow your business to gain a better insight into the LinkedIn community, stay on top of trends, and acquire new members and influencers entering the market.

Businesses are slowly utilising LinkedIn as a primary tool in their marketing strategy, successfully reaching new users than ever before.

To uplift your brand image and successfully stimulate growth in your business, reach out to Voltage PR as we are more than happy to support your growth with our professional expertise.