The Obstacle

Cinci Leung is a Certified Chinese Medicine Practitioner based in Hong Kong. We joined on as her PR Representative as she was in the process of re-launching her Clinic in Central and about to launch her first book and her own product line. Her main target audience is white collar professionals interested in health and wellness.

The Fix

Voltage PR positioned Cinci as the epitome of the modern woman: a wife, a mother, an entrepreneur, and a professional. As a result of using this approach, this angle was appealing by many different types of media outlets.
We also helped to maintain the public’s continued interest in Cinci by framing her as a person with potential to achieve much more moving forward. We emphasized this side of this personality as she constantly has her eye on broadening her practice of Chinese Medicine even further and which will allowed her to expand her reach within the specialty.

The Voltage Impact

Within the span of 12 months, Voltage was able to generate more than HK$3.9m in PR Ad Value for Cinci. In the majority of the coverage we were successful in positioning her as a rising starlet within the Chinese Medicine and Wellness sphere in Hong Kong. We were able to take advantage of Cinci’s individual strengths to create a lasting momentum that kept her on the radar throughout the year, all the way through her successful first book launch. At the time of launch, the book rose to number one in sales across Hong Kong. The book eventually sold out and was reprinted thereafter.

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